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Welcome to The Green Hive

Though Tati and Bubba may seem like an unlikely pair, their diverse backgrounds and shared love for cannabis have made The Green Hive an oasis for everyone.

Together, they've created a welcoming space where free spirits and bikers can come together, share stories, and explore the world of cannabis in all its forms.

At The Green Hive, you'll find a carefully curated selection of premium cannabis products,  that'll take you on a spiritual journey - to high-octane options that'll rev up your senses. Whether you're seeking relaxation or adventure, Tati and Bubba have got you covered.

Meet Tati

Allow us to introduce the heart and soul of our cannabis business, a dedicated front-line owner who pours her passion into every facet of her journey. With an unbreakable commitment to cultivating not only a thriving business but also a fulfilling life for herself and her children, she is a beacon of hard work and determination.

A free spirit and nature-loving hippie at heart, she approaches the cannabis industry with the utmost seriousness because it's not just a business—it's a profound part of her life and her personal healing journey. She champions plant medicine and takes the path of natural healing with deep reverence and dedication.

Her unwavering commitment to personal growth is a testament to her character, and she epitomizes the transformative power of embracing nature's remedies. We are honored to have her as a driving force in our cannabis business, where her dedication and love for the plant are infused into everything we do, leading us towards a future of healing, growth, and success.

Meet Bubba

Meet the true legend in the world of blue-collar entrepreneurship. As a devoted father and dedicated business owner, he embodies the essence of hard work and down-to-earth kindness.

A jack of all trades, his relentless pursuit of self-improvement is nothing short of inspiring. He's the type of person everyone adores upon meeting, thanks to his warm and welcoming personality.

Beyond the business, he's deeply involved in our community, always eager to lend a helping hand to those in need. He's a constant mover and shaker, perpetually on the lookout for the next big opportunity to innovate and excel.

His passion for speed and adrenaline has been a lifelong journey, starting with motorcycles and evolving into an exciting venture with race cars. This high-octane enthusiasm infuses just the right amount of positive energy into our business, driving us to new heights.

In every way, he's the embodiment of what we stand for – hard work, community engagement, and a boundless drive to succeed. We're proud to have him as a cornerstone of our team and look forward to the exciting journey ahead, fueled by his energy and dedication.

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